Commodities and Agribusiness

In a Nation driven by commodities and the expansion of agriculture, Guido Hidayanto & Partners mitigates any type of business complication in these fields.

Consumer Goods

Consumer demand continues to grow in parallel with goods provided. Guido Hidayanto & Partners are involved in the necessary elements to ease these positive changes and growth.

E-Commerce and Artificial Intelligence

With the expeditious scale of mobile transactions and digital consumer solutions at its peak, Guido Hidayanto & Partners works efficiently and effectively in carrying out scalable solutions for E-Commerce and Artificial Intelligence services.

Energy and Infrastructure

Guido Hidayanto & Partners provides strategic consultations and representation for clients in energy and infrastructure.

Media and Entertainment

The essence of entertainment and the value that the media pilots to communicate, bring about an important substance of freedom and relief, Guido Hidayanto & Partners cater to businesses that are driven in these sectors.

Real Estate

Rapid development and construction has dominated the streets of Jakarta, many of these projects may present malfunction or create faults. Guido Hidayanto & Partners is a leading legal solution focused on your real estate goals.


With todays growing digital market, Guido Hidayanto & Partners understands the need for new and develop technological corporations and start-ups.

Transportation and Logistics

The mode of transportation and logistics continues to be a focus of discussion and advancement, Guido Hidayanto & Partners provides calculated solutions in each of these areas.